Friday, August 10, 2007

Social networks + collaborative learning + self-guided learning = ?

Maybe The Next Big Thing?

I'm studying up on the interactions between these developments and such movements as OpenID. I was thinking nobody else was paying attention to them, but then this morning I saw Clive Shepherd's post about Harbinger's Flockpod, so now I know that Clive is looking, and that Harbinger is too.

Quoting my comment on Clive's post: So what worries me about things like Flockpod is that this particular application is just another closed silo on a proprietary platform. Your "stuff" goes in, but you can't get it back out. It's not open. Will Harbinger expose their API? I don't see anyone in e-Learning worrying much about this right now, but they will. If not, then we are back to the same mess we have now with LMS and LCMS.

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